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posted 2 years ago
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My All-Time Favourite Songs

Usher - Seperated

"If love was a bird then we wouldn’t have our wings
If love was the sky we’d be blue
If love was a choir, you and I could never sing
'Cause love isn't for me and you
If love was an Oscar, you and I could never win
'Cause we could never act out our parts
If love is the Bible, then we are lost in sin
Because it’s not in our hearts.”

"So why don’t you go your way,
And I’ll go mine
Live your life
And I’ll live mine
Baby, you’ll do well
And I’ll be fine
'Cause we're better off seperated…”

"If love was a fire then we have lost the spark
Love never felt so cold
If love was a light then we’re lost in the dark
Left with no one to hold
If love was a sport, we’re not on the same team
You and I are destined to lose
If love was an ocean, baby, we are just a stream
'Cause love isn't for me and you.”

I’m sorry we didn’t make it.

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