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posted 2 months ago

i really am a nice person. you just need to start the conversation

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posted 3 months ago

I was tagged by glipsis

Rule one: always post the rules

Rule two: answer the questions asked by the person who 
tagged you and write 11 new ones

Rule three: tag 11 people and link them to the post

Rule four: actually tell them you tagged them

I’ll just answer the Q’s :D

1. What fandoms are you in?

Supernatural,Merlin,One Direction,Teen wolf etc?

2. What movie always makes you laugh?

Home Alone

3. What’s the best book you read in 2013?

"Thirteen reason why" by Jay Asher

4. Who’s your otp?

Merthur/Brolin and Larry Stylinson

5. Who’s your favourite blog?

I have more than one but ill say whispers-of-silence coz the others are fandom blogs

6. What’s your the biggest addiction?

Hm… im not really addicted to anything in particular. I just love a lot of things

7. Who’s the most important person to you?


8. What’s your lucky number?

Don’t have one i guess,but my favourite number is 8

9. Do you have any pets?


10. What’s the band you’ve never seen live but really want to?

30 Seconds to Mars, Imagine Dragons and recently One Direction

11. What’s your favourite line from a movie/ book/ tv series?

"Stay with me" - Merlin

and from the last FF i read “Pile up enough tomorrows and you’ll end up with nothing but a bunch of empty yesterdays” ( i know its also a quote from “The Music Man” but i liked how this sentence fit in the whole story). Can’t think about anything else right now.

aaaaaaaaand thank you

posted 5 months ago
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posted 7 months ago

so today andreea found a car key and because we are awesome as fuck and did a favour to humanity with our amazing flawless sense of civism,we got like 11 euros and we bought an old french magazine with One direction with a part of the money.

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posted 7 months ago
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posted 7 months ago

Waw! Germany was beautiful!

Besides visiting my amazing Lissi, falling inlove with the weather, seeing handsome guys *wink wink*, meeting lovely people, i had my first time. A lot of first times actually ha!

  • eating cupcake (x)
  • eating waffle (x)
  • driving (just a bit)
  • swimming
  • sauna (that was hot - and naked)

Leverkusen is pure beauty and nature and Cologne is the coolest city!

posted 9 months ago

Me in Poiana Brasov and Bran


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posted 9 months ago

Visiting Brasov and Poiana Brasov

1st picture - The center of Brasov

2nd picture - In the middle of nowhere in Poiana Brasov

3rd picture - Panoramic view of the city in our way to Brasov,leaving Poiana Brasov

4th picture - The Black Church in Brasov

5th picture - Me at Bran Castle, known by the Dracula’s Castle


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 I bloody love you, you know that right? 
With Andreea

I bloody love you, you know that right?

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